We've been sampled! Three Leif favourites have just been filled into some very handy 10ml tubes. We hope they'll help our formulas find many more fans, some are destined to appear in a great little promo about to be released. More to follow...

Last night we dressed the windows of Carousel to announce that Leif has finally landed in 2026. Once the window decals had been applied we filled them up with product illuminated from below by strip lighting which makes for quite a sight at night. Many thanks Jessian for the invite!

Leif appears at 'Life Instyle' currently on at the Horden Pavilion. Come say hello, we're on stand #1530, and tell us what you really think!

Life Instyle

A big THANKS to all those who came to visit our stand! Over the three day event it was great fun to meet in person those who had already heard of Leif (and the many, many more who hadn't).

We have arrived! Leif is now available at Spatique, the very beautiful retail store situated within the Four Seasons Spa. Even their logo is top drawer.

Four Seasons

Our Hong Kong distributor (that's him bottom right) reckons Leif will have legs in HK. It'll need to with streets as steep as Pottinger where both of Paul's hair salons are perched.

Here's the very first palette of product to leave our shores! Hong Kong is the first port of call, we hope to find distributors and retailers throughout Asia that share a love for Leif.

The countdown to Christmas '13 is on. Our Eva is primed and ready to sprint down to the post office with your order that can be placed here.


Truly Gifted

On a recent trip to Auckland we dropped in on the ‘Factory of Ideas and Experiments’ that is WORLD.

The flagship Britomart store brings together antiques and curios and Leif is there. Thanks to Benny & Francis for their continued support. 



Bronte Beach in the 'depths' of winter. Sydney is something truly special.

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